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Within this section you will find links to websites offering research, information, inspiration and services within many different interests.

Art & Photography

Nature Photography 
People Photography, Photo Courses & Tuition 


Djembe Drums, Fire Twirling,
Urban Rythm & Blues                  

Rap with a positive attitude  
Soulfully rythmic beats with indigenous influence
Unique tribal-technological earth beats, a multilayered music experience of complex grooves and raw natural sound


Alternative news magazine, covering the fields of Health, Alternatives, Suppressed Science, Earth's Ancient Past, UFOs & the Unexplained and Government Cover-Ups. 
Holistic magazine, metaphysical directory and resource center for personal development. 
For more information and more choices for healthier living. 
A positive, practical and evidence-based magazine, showing mainstream solutions to living a lower-impact lifestyle. It seeks to show consumers how to reduce their impact without reducing their quality of life.


Research, discovery and development of cellular medicine 
Campaign for truth in medicine 
Global Health Freedom, Anti Codex, Anti Pharmaceutical Cartel 
Environmental news, information and resources 
Gold Coast Environmental body 
Addressing Cow's Milk 
Protecting and repairing the environment 
Planet Ark
Daily guide to helping the planet
Amma (Mother) is engaged in worldwide Humanitarian Activities  with her charitable organisation and her universal teachings include that the Divine exists in everything.                
Doctors Are Dangerous
This site questions and challenges the directions of the medical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and agricultural industries of the world.
Climate Crisis                     
Global Warming-the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. As seen in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth".         
Disturbing footage about animal farming for meat consumption, their torturous living conditions and slaughter. 
Care Flight is a non-profit community rescue organisation, providing critical care doctors, air crews, dedicated medical helicopters and jets to dramatically reduce response time to emergencies.
Thank you Care Flight for looking after my son when he was bitten by a snake at the age of 3yrs.
Fluoride Action Network
Broadening public awareness about fluoride.
Grief, Loss and Illness Support for Children and their families
Conservation Society - Protecting oceans around the world
Online business directory for Australian businesses. 
Freedom to choose alternative cancer treatment

Seminars/ Events/ Education:

Informative seminars and workshops on self empowerment, wealth creation, alternative technologies, environmental issues, health concerns, spiritual retreats. Delegate Accommodation.
Dr Demartini's understanding of the power of unconditional love and his revolutionary personal transformation methodologies are transforming the lives of millions of people all over the world.
Brandon Bays is offering the most powerful natural healing processes, through accessing the bodies own healing wisdom at the deepest level of the soul. The Journey is about the freedom to live your life as you've always dreamed it could be. 
Christopher Howard will show you how to transform your bank balance, love life, career and body through neurological repatterning. 
Discover the ancient knowledge and mysteries of Vedic Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Magic Square and the Golden Mean with author and teacher Jain. 

Food & Beverage:

166 Hardgrave Road
West End Qld 4101 
Ph: 07 3844 1132 
Licensed organic restaurant with cooking school.
87-91 Beacon Road
North Tamborine Qld 4272
Ph: 07 5545 3452 
Manufacturers of organic fine liqueurs, schnapps, vodkas and eau de vie. 
Sol Breads  
69a Nerang Street
Southport Qld 4215
Ph: 07 5591 1477 
Organic Sourdough Bakery and Cafe

Environmental Businesses

Offering purely organic and environmentally sound solutions to the large scale greenhouse emission problem.
A non-profit organisation dealing with research and development into alternative energy technology and sustainable development. Online University for technical instructions - they are the only institution teaching these methods, working with no budget.

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